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Board of Directors


Executive Board

 Jeff O'Brien, Chair

 Kathy Savage, Vice Chair

Todd Heckman, Secretary

 Mike Swan, Treasurer

Board Members

 Bobby Bird

 Eddie Dunford

 Melissa Medlock M  

 Mitz Pfeifer

 Rip Pratt

 Michele Sternberg





Mission:  The Indian River Lacrosse Association will promote the growth and development of lacrosse for student athletes regardless of financial means.  IRLAX shall encourage sportsmanship, character, self-confidence, leadership and responsibility.
Vision:  The Indian River Lacrosse Association strives to provide a nationally recognized lacrosse program that will support and promote growth and development of youth lacrosse.
Our History
 In early 2013 the Indian River Lacrosse Association, Inc. (IRLAX) was formed to address field needs to advance lacrosse in Indian River County. Fortunately, through a unique partnership with county government and volunteer efforts for pro-bono design and engineering, a plan materialized, and we are pleased to have four new fields that opened in the south part of the county in August 2013. These multi-purpose fields are a second home to hundreds of children with a passion for not only lacrosse but many youth recreational sports. In addition to the fields, the South County Park also includes tennis and basketball courts, as well as a well- equipped playground.
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